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Samurai champloo episode 22 online dating

In these harsh times, Afro is a samurai who is on a mission for revenge – an evil gunman killed his father to become the Number 1, and it’s up to Afro to take him down in a shower of blood and entrails.He has mastered the art of the sword and become Number 2, but many others want to hold his title and the title of Number 1 for themselves.Jin is a disciplined samurai who's as deadly as he is reserved.Fuu is a young waitress with a good heart and a resourcefulness that emerges when you least expect it.These three unlikely companions are about to begin a journey that will change all of their lives.It's a dangerous quest for a mysterious samurai that will see our squabbling group of heroes get into and out of trouble more times than they can count (which admittedly, isn't very high).However, Kenshin has a dark past which threatens to destroy the values he is fighting for.

In a futuristic and wild west-inspired Japan, there are only two rules: the Number 1 rules the world and only the Number 2 can challenge him; these ranks are worn with pride in the manner of headbands.

Hoping to escape their past, they live on the spaceship Bebop, but it's a dangerous business and old enemies don't forget easily.

Allies come from unlikely sources, however, as they find comrades in the beautiful swindler Faye Valentine, the genius child hacker Ed and the genetically engineered 'data dog' Ein.

With competition and sword fights at every turn, can Afro finally exact his revenge?

In the revolutionary Meiji period, Japan is undergoing enormous political change.

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Samurai Champloo – Fuu Kasumi is a young and clumsy waitress who spends her days peacefully working in a small teahouse.